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Falcons getting in shape for work

For the last week I've been getting falcons back in shape to go to work.

I use 23 falcons for my various bird abatement jobs. I picked 6 to start and have been taking them out to lure fly daily. They lose condition when being fed on the block during off season. Yet quickly regain their condition once we resume hard lure flying.

Gyr Barbary falcon Red

To start I picked 4 of my seasoned birds and 2 young birds from last season. Everyone is coming along well. Red, on of my white Gyr/Barbary hybrids, is my favorite falcon of all my workers.

Gyr barbary falcon red Marshall transmitter

This is his 4th season doing abatement work. He is rock solid and even after 6 months off he flies like he never missed a day. I have shaped him for vertical stoops and he goes up to 300-350' and does verticals every time. Such a pleasure to fly!

His brothers Wolfman and Iceman are also flying in great style. Hollywood, a black Gyr/Shaheen, is going into his 3rd year of abatement work. I have to watch him a little more as he is prone to go off and catch things on his own if I let him get out of hand.

Work started today for these 4 talented fliers.

The 2 younger boys (black Gyr/Peregrine & Gyr/Shaheen) are learning to fly better and better each day. Shaping them for verticals now. Soon as work starts on Tuesday I'll add in 6 more falcons and be flying 12 falcons a day on a split shift morning/evening.

Gyr Peregrin falcon Viper

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