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Goldens, Lanners, and Gyrfalcons, OH MY!

We had a couple special guests come visit today!

Our friend Jessica Curtis brought her kids to visit the Dexter and the falcons. Her daughter Holly is doing an Imagination Fair at school and chose "raptors" as her topic of study.

The kids enjoyed learning all about Dexter from Chase.

Dexter Golden Eagle Chase Delles


And Holly and Elliot both enjoyed their experience in Falconry 101.

Holly Curtis Falconry Experience
Elliot Curtis Falconry Experience

It was a great visit and we learned all about the difference between raptors and eagles. And we even looked at the difference between Gyrfalcons and Lanner falcons.

Suzanne Kehret Falconry Experience

Thank you Jessie, Holly, and Elliot for a fun day!

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