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We are a manufacturing company with two locations NW of Minneapolis.  Our seagull problems have occurred at our second location for the last 4-5 years.  The first year we tried ourselves to handle the problem by getting sound machines, owls on posts and even inflatable balloons.  These didn’t work and the seagulls were growing in number and starting their nests.  After some research we contacted Chase Delles from Sky Predators.  Chase came out with a few of his falcons and proceeded to tell us what he and his falcons would do.

Chase has trained all of his falcons.  He has them flying above the roof to help push the seagulls away.  This is repeated a few times in a day and may happen for a few weeks.  He and the falcons are always successful at pushing the seagulls away and we appreciate the hard work Chase, his employees & falcons provide to us.  We know we can rely on his services to help us again if the seagulls return.

Heidi Bolnick- Federal Ammunition

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Current & Former Clients

  • Flint Hills Resources

  • Hormel Foods

  • Stemilt Growers

  • Kiewit Construction

  • Seneca Foods

  • Vista Outdoors

  • State of Minnesota DoD

  • Duke Energy

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electric grid
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