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Problem Birds

European Starling (Sturnus Vulgaris)

The most common and the worst nuisance bird species in North America is the European Starling. Their population is estimated to be between 750 million to 1 billion according to USDA. 
It is not uncommon for a large flock of Starlings to cause major damage to crops in a short time. Starlings are capable of decimating blueberries, cherries, other types of pitted fruit.
Starlings cause over $1 billion of annual damage to the agricultural industry alone. Our trained falcons are capable of dispersing starling threats to crops and equipment. Modifying nuisance bird behavior with the aid of our experienced Falcons is crucial to controlling these large flocks.


Rock Dove / Common Pigeon (Livia Colombia)

Common pigeons are a nuisance species widespread to all parts of North America.
Pigeons are capable of spreading disease transmittable to humans, livestock and other wildlife. Highly adaptable to all climates and environments, they breed year around and can raise 6 pairs of young annually. Often found in commercial operations and residential areas, their droppings are a major health hazard and very messy. Airplane hangers, buildings, airways and storage facilities are common roosting areas for pigeons. Large flocks of pigeons are controlled by trapping with specialized traps and techniques. We control indoor pigeons with the aid of Harris’ hawks trained to catch pigeons.

Common Pigeon/Rock Dove

Ring-billed Gull (Larus delawarensis)

Ring-billed Gulls are extreme health hazards to drinking water reservoirs. They often feed at landfills, sewer ponds and industrial wastelands while roosting at local water reservoirs where their droppings contaminate drinking water causing health hazards. They are also found roosting and nesting at airfields, military bases. and commercial buildings throughout North America causing health and safety concerns.  Gulls are very noisy and messy creating lots of problems for landfills and commercial/residential areas where they gather leaving lots of droppings and annoying customers. Our falcons are very successful at managing flocks of gulls.

Ring Billed Gull (Wikipedia)
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