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Ag producers have long seen the damage that nuisance birds can and do inflict upon their crops. Robins, Starlings, Magpies, Ravens, Crows, Finches, Waxwings, and Black Birds just to name a few of the many nuisance bird species that inflict many millions of dollars of damage to crops each year. Losses as high as 30% are not uncommon in large farms. With total field loss possible to smaller farms.

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Large flocks of birds can gather daily to feed, damaging a high percentage of the total crop. Propane cannons and shooting alone are ineffective. Poison is environmentally unfriendly and dangerous. Netting is very costly in materials and labor. All methods are often far less effective than quality falconry based bird abatement.

Falconry based bird abatement is 100% green and environmentally friendly. It is a quiet, non-invasive way to protect your crops. Best of all it is extremely effective if done properly. Nature has hard wired both predator and prey with basic knowledge. By using well trained and flown falcons we create a protection area by putting a hunting falcon in the air over the crops. By having several falcons "hunting" the area, nuisance birds will avoid the area keeping them from damaging valuable crops.   


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Cherries (120).JPG



Our goal is not to actually harm any of the nuisance birds. But just to keep them away from your crops through intimidation and fear by showing them a falcon is hunting in the area. By using this knowledge we can keep nuisance birds from damaging your crops and putting more money in your pocket.  

By listening to customers needs and strategically looking at the area to protect we can design a plan flying falcons to create a predator zone keeping nuisance birds out of the crops. It is best to start protection around first color and go through final harvest. Falconry based bird control is very effective and we get bird damage down to an un-measureable level (0-2%)

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Since no two situations are the same Sky Predators bird abatement service provides custom quotes for what it will take to solve your nuisance bird problems.

We want to talk to you and find out as much as possible about the property, problems occurring, time of year, location, acreage, and any other details available. Once we discuss your problem and what you can expect for result we can tailor a price quote to fit your specific situation.


We are happy to answer any questions you have, discuss your nuisance bird problems and give a quote to help you fix your issues asap. 

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