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​Sky Predators is committed to giving you the best possible falconry based bird abatement. We are proud offer the best natural control solution to bird problems.   

Chase Delles, owner and founder of Sky Predators has been a liscensed falconer for 15 years. He started handling raptors at the age of 8 and got his falconry permit a the age of 15. For the last 15 years he has been training and flying raptors in the art of falconry. 

While having trained and flown a variety of raptor species his personal love in the falconry world is training and hunting with Golden Eagles. Chase and his hunting partner "Dexter" (male golden eagle) travel to a variety of states in the off season pursuing jackrabbits. 

Chase was one of only 7 falconers in the world asked to join the eagle training team for the International Festival of Falconry hosted in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2011. For this task he was sent to the UAE for 25 days to work as part of a specialized training team tasked with training 21 eagles for the International Festival of Falconry.


Falconry and Raptor based bird abatement is highly regulated. Chase holds a Federal Abatement Permit, Federal Eagle Falconry Permit, and Master Class State Falconry Permit.  

We can handle contracts all over the US. 

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