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A Little About Abatement

How does it work?

"Falconry based bird abatement" is the use of highly trained birds of prey to intimidate and scare off nuisance birds from an area. Since the dawn of time prey species have been hard wired to avoid predators. In falconry-based bird abatement the predator is the falcon and the prey is any type of nuisance bird in the area. When a falcon is seen hunting it naturally causes all prey species of birds to avoid the area due to fear of being eaten. If an area becomes known as a hunting grounds for raptors the nuisance birds will avoid it and look for new locations to feed/roost/live. 


The falconer goes through extensive training to create a partnership with his falcons. Both the falconer and the falcon have their own jobs in the field. The falconer locates and identifies staging and problem areas for invading flocks of nuisance birds. The falconer then flies falcons in those areas to deter nuisance birds from entering the property. The falconer will always be on the look out for nuisance birds entering the property and will release a falcon to drive them off the property. 

Crop Protection

We supply all the equipment and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of crop protection job our clients have for us, no matter how big or small it may be.

Falcon with cherries

Nuisance Bird Removal

Landfills, refineries, businesses, malls, and resorts all provide extremely attractive roosting places for nuisance birds. We have many years of experience successfully removing birds from these locations.

Falcon refinery abatement

Education and Events

Learn more about birds of prey during an education opportunity or a special event.  We provide custom packages for birthday parties, corporate events, educational programs, and weddings.

Bridal Bouquet
Falcon tight on fist

Get to Know Us

Sky Predators Bird Abatement Service is a bird control company. We are built on the principals of using natural, extremely effective bird control to rid your property of nuisance birds through the use of flying raptors. We are committed to giving you the best possible falconry based bird abatement. 


By combining a very deep seated knowledge of the natural world, both predator and prey with the latest technology. We are proud offer the best natural control solution to bird problems.


Do the falcons kill the pest birds?

It does occasionally happen.  We try not to catch or kill birds at jobsites.  We encourage our falcons to chase birds, but break off and return for the lure.  If we need to catch the birds to remove them from the premises we do so via a special permit.

How much training does this require?

To do commercial falconry work, such as abatement, a person must have 7 years of falconry experience as well as apply for a USFWS special purpose permit.

The falcons themselves take about 30 days to train how to fly for to a lure.  They then spend several months honing their flying skills with a falconer before working a job.  Most of our falcons have years of flying experience and 1000's of flights under their belt.

Do the birds ever fly away?

It can and has happened.  We try to reduce the risk of loss through training.  When we release a falcon, it voluntarily returns to us based on its training.  For the safety of all of our falcons we use GPS transmitters so that we can track them if they get lost.  We rarely lose a bird if we can find them.

Where are you located?

We are located in Texas, but we do work all across the US.  We currently have active contracts running in Minnesota and Washington as well.

"Chase and his team are professional and effective.  He does a wonderful job of customizing each job to meet the client's specific needs."

-Farm Manager J.O.